Thank you for showing an interest in The Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Being a volunteer at FHVAC is a highly rewarding experience but it is also a big commitment that requires not only a lot of time, but also a dedication to service, professionalism, and confidentiality. Please make sure to review the information in the Positions and FAQ section.



  • EMT / CFR:  NYS Certified Emergency Medical Technicians and Certified First Responders work on our ambulances and response vehicle and provide emergency medical care to the sick and injured.  All EMTs and CFRs  can be assigned as an Attendant. EMTs can train to become a FHVAC Crew Chief.  A Crew Chief is the EMT in charge of the ambulance crew.  He / she is responsible for all crew activities.
  • Driver:  Must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid NYS driver license.  All drivers must have at a minimum certification in American Heart Association CPR.  All drivers must complete the FHVAC Driver Training which includes certification in C.E.V.O.  All potential drivers must consent to a DMV driver license check prior to operating a vehicle.
  • Dispatcher:  All new members must complete Dispatcher Training prior to becoming eligible to work on an ambulance.  Dispatcher Training allows each new member to become familiar with FHVAC policy and procedures.  Dispatchers are responsible for maintaining communications between the crews in the field and the headquarters.  Dispatchers are responsible for assigning crews to emergency calls via two way radio.  Dispatchers are also responsible for making notifications to appropriate agencies during emergencies.  All dispatchers are required to hold valid American Heart Association CPR.


  • Clerical Staff:  Volunteers are needed to assist officers with the administrative tasks necessary to operate.  Such tasks include maintaining personnel files, answering phone, contacting members, fund raising, publicity and recruitment.
  • Maintenance:  Volunteers with special skills are needed to help maintain the vehicle fleet and the physical plant of the headquarters building.
  • Other Assistance:  If you posses a special skill or talent that you feel will be helpful please contact us.


  • As a volunteer how many hours per month would I have to complete to remain a member?
    — You can volunteer as many hours as you want. We require 8 hours per month over 2 days at 4 hours per day.
  • What are the shift times?
    — We are open 24/7 but that does not mean there is always a crew available. You must check the schedule or ask other members. You can always call ahead of time to make sure someone is at the Ambulance Corps.
  • How long is the recruitment process? What is entailed?
    — First fill out and print the forms above. When you have everything completed, stop by the Ambulance Corps. and drop off your finished application. You will be contacted by a member of the membership committee to setup an interview. (Interviews are conducted almost every two weeks.) You will go through 2 interviews and if you’re accepted you will be scheduled for training as a dispatcher. After passing the dispatcher test you will be placed on probation for about 6 months while the membership committee evaluates whether or not you will be fully accepted as a member of our organization.
  • Would I have to be available at short notice?
    — No
  • Is there just one base in Queens?
    — There are several different volunteer ambulance corps in Queens. Each is setup for a specific community. We cover Forest Hills and Rego Park.
  • If I was to work, during the time I am working would I be covered with insurance?
    — Yes
  • Is it essential to have a New York drivers license?
    — No. Only those wishing to be drivers need a license.
  • Do you prefer me to bring the application in in person or should I email it?
    — In person.

Apply Online Now
*Youth Membership is paper-based only

Please consider the paperless online application.
If you prefer paper-based application, simply find the forms below and bring the finished ones to our headquarters.
Please note:

  • To join our General Membership you must be at least 18 years of age
  • To join our Youth Corps Membership you must be at least 14 years of age

Any inquires regarding volunteering with us, please contact our Membership Committee
[email protected]